About Us
Tutor Providers, a pioneer in online education bucket of services, provides exclusive online tutoring and e-learning courseware development services to the student communities of school, college. We have experience helping thousands of students to achieve success in meeting their educational goals & needs through guidance and supplemental instruction beyond their regular classroom studies.
Whether tutoring is needed for K-12 grade students struggling in Math class or college students with Algebra, we have programs available which are customized to meet needs of every individual student.
Our other services include assessment item development. To make online tutoring interesting and hassle free affair for your child, Tutor Providers has developed a unique teaching methodology. We call it API. It's a breakthrough in online education (online learning).
Using this concept, we identify, analyze and understand the way a child thinks and responds to new Using this technique, our online tutors can teach your child in a way that your child feels convenient and does not feel burdened. With Tutor Providers, your child learns new concepts of learning in a different fashion.
Tutor Providers has helped thousands of students excel in their weak subject areas and make them strong there. With its customized preparation plan practices a scientific tutoring approach that brings in elements from pedagogy and child psychology. We provide a live online tutor help which is a live one on one assisting them closely.
K-12 online tutors at Tutor Providers do not teach the conventional way which is 'memorizing and not understanding'. Our online math and online English tutors use alternative methods to address the learning requirements of your child in terms of Essay writing help and others.
Our certified online tutors bring in great expertise and years of experience in their subject areas, communication skills and instructing methodologies. With live one-on-one tutoring, Tutor Providers lives up to its motto-Simplify Transforming Education.